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Design Challenge: Save the Week! Harry Potter epic final.

Here we have the Harry Potter Design Challenge, in this ocasion, Criss and I have come up (again) with two lovely designs about this week´s subject, let´s us know what you think :

Harry Potter movies, books, or himself doesn’t even need an introduction, he and his story is just as famous as… I can not even think in a comparison!!! So, if you enjoy the movies or  the books, you dream for sure to have a wand, guess what! I gave designed a wood wand for you to practice spells like “Accio remote” for the lazy ones or “Arania exumai” for arachnophobic.

And for you to storage correctly your adored books , i have designed the ultimate Harry Potter´s  bookshelf, made entirely of Onyx and self illuminated ! Great to show off all your Harry Potter Volumes.

This was our very own Harry Potter Design Challenge, see you next Monday with the Jennifer Lopez Challenge, and don´t forget to comment about the designs 🙂 !!!