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Design Challenge:Save the Week! Jennifer Lopez, another break-up.

How many marriages has Jennifer Lopez had ? Well , let´s see :

Lopez’s first marriage was to Cuban-born Ojani Noa onFebruary 22, 1997. Ended at January 1998

Her second marriage was to her former backup dancerCris Judd. The two were married on September 29, 2001, at a home in the L.A. suburbs. Their marriage effectively ended in June 2002, when Lopez began publicly dating Ben Affleck.

Less than two months after her break-up with Affleck, Lopez was seen with singer Marc Anthony, a long-time friend with whom she had worked in music videos. They had briefly dated in the late 1990s, before his first marriage and her second. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jennifer_Lopez)

Lopez and Anthony married in a quiet home wedding on June 5, 2004 and as we all know it ended just last month.

We are all disappointed and felling a bit betrayed, but hey you know, kind of we expected it. For that reason I have designed the ultimate I don´t care if you ever get married again Jennifer Lopez APP.

This APP works as a Jennifer Lopez face recognition system , every time her face appears on the screen or if her name gets shout somewhere , it immediately will trade it for screen shoots of “The Perfect Marriage Movie “ starring Loretta Young and David Niven. Great design idea.

I really wanted to design something to avoid another hook up that will end into a divorce, but let’s face it, getting married/divorced is a hobby for Jennifer Lopez so, here is the quick sketch for her next quick marriage, a beautiful wedding gown ! This is a beautiful design and i will hate to think that JLo or anyone will only use it once, but hey, it doesn´t really matter, this wedding gown design will last forever as long as Jennifer Lopez ends her marriage as quick as she possibly can.

Hoped you have enjoyed this Week´s design challenge, we sure did !Don´t forget to comment  to improve our design ideas. ;P

Next week: Barbie! why? because it´s Barbie!!!




Fleur of England, the honey of your moon.

The most beautiful, feminine, luxurious and breath-taking clothes a woman can wear is lingerie. No matter if you are wearing it on your wedding night, honeymoon or you just like to wear it around the house any day to be eye-candy for your man, lingerie is a must in your life. Seriously girls, all of us know that wise phase: “give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world” now add luxurious lingerie and she can do it in the most elegant and delicate way. And it happens that luxurious lingerie have a name, Fleur of England.

Fleur of England is a british design house devoted to high quality designs and fabrics, they also offer a useful guide to choose the right size of bra, their fitting room shows their care about your body and help you with your online shopping.

Sweet as chocolate!

And if you have found Prince Charming, Fleur of England has the Bridal Boutique.  Take his breath away on your wedding night wearing this delicate white lingerie.


But do not only take care about wedding night, honeymoon has to be full of beautiful pieces that make you live in a dream of silk and lace.


Candy: I found this garter to keep the tradition of something, new, something blue..



The work of Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre

The work of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre leaves me speechless, i have hardly ever seeing this kind of work with other photographers. Ruins in all its splendor.

“Ruins are the visible symbols and landmarks of our societies
and their changes, small pieces of history in suspension.

The state of ruin is essentially a temporary situation that happens at
some point, the volatile result of change of era and the fall of empires.
This fragility, the time elapsed but even so running fast, lead us to watch them one very last time :
being dismayed, or admire, making us wondering about the permanence of things.

Photography appeared to us as a modest way
to keep a little bit of this ephemeral state.” – Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre.

I can hardly call this post about interior design, yet i could´t help to share this photos with you.


Vivienne Westwood and Melissa, punk and plastic.

Hey hey you there!

For those of you who enjoy architecture and fashion, of course have heard the heavy name of Zaha Hadid and her collaboration with Melissa, a brazilian brand which have and speciality : plastic shoes!


Now plastic says hello to punk with Vivienne Westwood collaboration named Lady Dragon.


and the flat version

Who said plastic wasn´t fashionable!!! But more over, who said hot designers weren´t affordable! Lady Dragon collection is about 120 pounds  here.

You don’t need to wear only rain boots, skeep or dance in little street puddles in girly shoes, no worries of ruin them guaranteed.

Candy: pair these shoes with black tights, they look just lovely!!!



Jon Kortajarena and Kokorico by Gaultier

Hey hey you there!!!

Let’s talk about concepts, ready? by definition “wearable” is anything that is in direct contact with your skin, so, that includes fragrances, in other words you are actually dressed up by just wearing perfume. Imagine the possibilities and happiness when you have fashion legends and couture reigning your dressing room from gorgeous bottles.

Now, let’s talk about Gaultier, the name speaks for itself and it’s not shy at all to yell glamour, sexiness and temptation… I guess is time to introduce you Jon Kortajarena, the man who bring those words to life and the fragance which is the soul of them, Kokorico.

Jon Kortajarena is a spanish top model but is easy to see that if you check this

Candy: turn your boyfriend into a hot boyfriend by dressing him up just with Kokoriko, the notes of fig leaves, cacao and wood will give a man in it´s purest way.



Design Challenge : True Blood Season 4 premiere

To honor the True Blood season 4 premiere  we have our new and third design challenge, needless to say that we adore the series, and after almost a year waiting  (waiting SUCKS !) for the 4th season premiere we cannot wait to see the exciting new adventures of our beloved  Sooki Stackhouse, Bill and of course the wonderful Eric ;D

For those addicted to hot vampires, happiness and excitement come together in True Blood season 4,  just released. We have to admit that the synthetic blood idea has its pros and cons, it was the reason that let vampires say  “hey! We exist!! and we don´t need to suck your blood out because we have this tasty beverage”  …yes, sure.

If you are a sincere True Blood fan you know it is not completely true, they enjoy drinking from your hot veins even more. Blame the bottle!!! That way I designed a new one, a bottle more suitable for vampires, big, strong, tough

No need to open the bottle you can stick your fangs in it !

Eric Northman: if you are not in the mood for a True Blood , dinner will be waiting for you tonight all blushed. XOXO Criss

I, on the other hand thought about all those last minute hookups between humans and vampires. What happens the day after ? Your bedroom has not been designed to be totally sealed during daylight. Don´t worry, I came up with a perfect and stylish solution : disposable curtains.  You can cut them  in to the exact size of your window and install them in just a few seconds, just roll out the fabric and stick it to the frame of your window.

Comes in standard sizes : 2.44 x 1.22 , 3.66 x 1.22, 3.66 x 2.44

No need to worry about the sunrise now huh!

Hope you enjoyed this week challenge, see you next Monday  with the News of The World Scandal.


Fashion Royalty, Prince Pelayo

Hey hey, you there!!

A question…

What do these 2 photos have in common??

 A clue? One is the mirror of the other!!!

In other words, the designer of this amazing piece is the gorgeous, talented and stylish Pelayo Diaz, who was until a few weeks a Saint Martins’ student which you know is one of the best fashion schools in the world.

The talented designer also known as Prince Pelayo is a genius, only a man can ware kilts and Alexander McQueen clutches and still look like a sexy macho can call himself stylish, he says and everyboday listen, at least is what I thinks it’s gonna be in the near future. His designs scream his attitude and is easy to see. 

Psss… I gave him my first post in Candy line because he totally made my entire month just be retweeting me…

If you want to know more about him, go checking his blog katelovesme

Follow him on twitter @princepelayo

And send him kisses if you meet him in some fashion show.

 Long life to Prince Pelayo!!!

Design Challenge : How to cope with newly released Breaking Dawn trailer ?

So here it is!! The first project, the opening of our section and soon your favorite on the net to be in touch with design. Design Challenge: Save the week!!! Enjoy!

After months of anticipation, the official Breaking Dawn trailer hit the Internet and caused the expected revolution. If you were part of that 2% of the population who didn´t know that Bella was getting married and having a child, well , now you do. The trailer pretty much tells us all.

So, whether you are one of those who don´t give a shit about this movies or the ones that would´t be able to get some rest until you see Breaking Dawn premiere, we have designed something to get all of you entertained meanwhile, our own Design Challenge of the Breaking Dawn movie, here are the results :

1- Criss came up with a beautiful pen to sign a prenup between Bella and Edward.

Dear Bella:

Congratulations for your wedding smart girl, quite a catch!! As the young lady you are you probably need some advice in order to protect yourself, and I’m not talking about honey moon, but your… finances.

My gift to you is a beautiful (after some clicks in photoshop it will be) pen, with crystal and diamond, just to remember the touch of our dear Edward, ok, YOUR dear Edward; no ink, I guess you would rather blood, your husband’s blood. You might be wondering why a pen, if not you probably are smarter than I thought; the pen is to be ready to sign a PRENUP! With glamour of course, Alice won’t let you do anything other way. You are about to be immortal and Edward already is, but is better to be prepared, you don’t know when the Voultouri guys are going to feel bored and hunt you just for fun or just to give Mrs. Mayer an excuse to write another book…

C’mon girl! You know widowhood is a possibility with that imprudent husband of yours.

Enjoy honeymoon!

P.D.: sue your high school, sex education classes weren’t good enough.

XOXO Criss.

2-Sofia My approach to the design challenge was from the fans point of view. For those girls who will stand long nights and days outside the movie theater, just waiting to be the first one to get tickets for the premiere, i have came up with this : the  Twilight survivour movie kit !

This kit contains :1 personal outside tent, to camp outside your favorite movie theater without worrying of november bad weather

1 personal sleeping bag, with a secret compartment to store that lovely sparkling and cold kinky toy ( this product actually exists) that will make you company during those lonely nights on the street.

1 Cooler to store your water and food, while you´re camping outside the theater with one special feature : Blackboard finish on the inside lid of the cooler, this will not only ad personality to your twilight cooler, it will also give that space you needed to express your obsesion and/or team affiliation (Team Jacob or Team Edward)

That was our Design Challenge : Breaking Down trailer, hope you have enjoy it! Remember that every Monday we publish  new designs inspired in current news and trending topics 😛

Next Week : Kiss in Vancouver photograph design challenge! can´t wait for the results !