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Lanvin and Pitbull

I must confess I’m a big fan of Pitbull and when I knew Lanvin (that has an special place in my heart) had a mix with his music for the new FW Campaign got shocked!. This is not really a song I’m crazy about but I have to admit it’s awesome!!!  The contrast between the whole look, the models’ attitude and the rhythm of the music makes the concept even better.

Candy: Alber Elbaz is just eye candy in this video (or anywhere!)


Kids Furniture

When I was a kid  my favorite book was Mashenka. I loved the story and the illustrations. I still remember how i felt when i noticed that all the furniture was the perfect size for her, and i always desire to have a bedroom  like hers.  Just like us adults do, kids need chairs, beds and tables suited for their size and age so they can use them as comfortably as we do.

Whenever you think of furnish a room for a kid think always in furniture that will fit the kids needs until certain age, because it is true that they grow really fast. Also, decide whether if you want a decor that will last long enough or just stand until certain stage of their lives, that will give you an idea of what type of color you want on the walls and the type of furniture you are buying for it.

Kids furniture allow you to experiment with all those styles that just never seem right for your age, let lose all your creativity with kids bedrooms, they will thank you for it, specially if you choose furniture that will allow them to create and play with the space and their imagination, here i have a beautiful example from smarin, a french design studio that creates one of the most amazing pieces i have ever seeing :

Last but not least, always allow your kids  to choose their furniture, it was so frustrating for me not to have the last word about it.

Design Challenge : How to cope with newly released Breaking Dawn trailer ?

So here it is!! The first project, the opening of our section and soon your favorite on the net to be in touch with design. Design Challenge: Save the week!!! Enjoy!

After months of anticipation, the official Breaking Dawn trailer hit the Internet and caused the expected revolution. If you were part of that 2% of the population who didn´t know that Bella was getting married and having a child, well , now you do. The trailer pretty much tells us all.

So, whether you are one of those who don´t give a shit about this movies or the ones that would´t be able to get some rest until you see Breaking Dawn premiere, we have designed something to get all of you entertained meanwhile, our own Design Challenge of the Breaking Dawn movie, here are the results :

1- Criss came up with a beautiful pen to sign a prenup between Bella and Edward.

Dear Bella:

Congratulations for your wedding smart girl, quite a catch!! As the young lady you are you probably need some advice in order to protect yourself, and I’m not talking about honey moon, but your… finances.

My gift to you is a beautiful (after some clicks in photoshop it will be) pen, with crystal and diamond, just to remember the touch of our dear Edward, ok, YOUR dear Edward; no ink, I guess you would rather blood, your husband’s blood. You might be wondering why a pen, if not you probably are smarter than I thought; the pen is to be ready to sign a PRENUP! With glamour of course, Alice won’t let you do anything other way. You are about to be immortal and Edward already is, but is better to be prepared, you don’t know when the Voultouri guys are going to feel bored and hunt you just for fun or just to give Mrs. Mayer an excuse to write another book…

C’mon girl! You know widowhood is a possibility with that imprudent husband of yours.

Enjoy honeymoon!

P.D.: sue your high school, sex education classes weren’t good enough.

XOXO Criss.

2-Sofia My approach to the design challenge was from the fans point of view. For those girls who will stand long nights and days outside the movie theater, just waiting to be the first one to get tickets for the premiere, i have came up with this : the  Twilight survivour movie kit !

This kit contains :1 personal outside tent, to camp outside your favorite movie theater without worrying of november bad weather

1 personal sleeping bag, with a secret compartment to store that lovely sparkling and cold kinky toy ( this product actually exists) that will make you company during those lonely nights on the street.

1 Cooler to store your water and food, while you´re camping outside the theater with one special feature : Blackboard finish on the inside lid of the cooler, this will not only ad personality to your twilight cooler, it will also give that space you needed to express your obsesion and/or team affiliation (Team Jacob or Team Edward)

That was our Design Challenge : Breaking Down trailer, hope you have enjoy it! Remember that every Monday we publish  new designs inspired in current news and trending topics 😛

Next Week : Kiss in Vancouver photograph design challenge! can´t wait for the results !