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Design Challenge: Save the Week!: News of the World Scandal

News of The World

When celebrity news becomes more important than anything else. With this new scandal, of reporters and media hacking cellphones just to get access to the news first, we see a side of the news paper that we do not like. Thus, I give you the news paper cleaning collection, a new design  to solve world newspaper crisis.

The design is inspired by the disgusting feeling we have everyday when we read the newspaper, News of the World it´s only an excuse, the truth is that most part of daily news are just crap, that´s why i´ve designed a  “news toilet paper”  and it´s matching partner a news paper towel .

 On the other hand, I find apologizing a polite way to deal with the scandal.

Seriously people! send flowers,apologizing cards, cry and beg for forgiveness, as an actress in progress I wouldn’t even think another way but you to go down on your knees and beg me to accept all the money you made selling newspapers full of information you stole that way!!! Shame on you!

After these bitter news, we will be entertaining you with the end of a saga, Harry Potter last movie release in America.