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Fashion Royalty, Prince Pelayo

Hey hey, you there!!

A question…

What do these 2 photos have in common??

 A clue? One is the mirror of the other!!!

In other words, the designer of this amazing piece is the gorgeous, talented and stylish Pelayo Diaz, who was until a few weeks a Saint Martins’ student which you know is one of the best fashion schools in the world.

The talented designer also known as Prince Pelayo is a genius, only a man can ware kilts and Alexander McQueen clutches and still look like a sexy macho can call himself stylish, he says and everyboday listen, at least is what I thinks it’s gonna be in the near future. His designs scream his attitude and is easy to see. 

Psss… I gave him my first post in Candy line because he totally made my entire month just be retweeting me…

If you want to know more about him, go checking his blog katelovesme

Follow him on twitter @princepelayo

And send him kisses if you meet him in some fashion show.

 Long life to Prince Pelayo!!!