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Design Challenge: Vancouver kiss… oh my!!!

Hello there! Are you ready to check the Design Challenge: Save the week? Ok, here we go!!!

Everybody is talking about one image in particular these days:Vancouver kiss photo. This couple had the most romantic moment on camera while a riot took place inVancouver after a jockey game. A photo to remember and a reason to design!!!We decided to design frames for the pic or based on it.

Talented Sofi came up with an out of this world frame:

Inspired on the speculations that caused this  Vancouver kiss photo on tv and social network ’cause many people had questioned the authenticity of the image , if it was a publicity stunt or if the photographer paid the couple to achieve the shoot, the truth is that this is just a good shoot. It doesn’t matter if it is real or not, it still is a great photo.That’s why I designed a frame that appears to be floating in the air. It works with 2 magnets that repels each other as a base and a floating frame for the image.

This visual trick is fun, even if we know what is going on it still astonishes us, and I think , that´s  the real point of the picture.

My turn. This time my design was based on the Vancouver Kiss pic, I decided to use leather because of the soft touch and the warm color. Why speakers? Every moment needs it’s soundtrack!! Bluetooth let you use your music device to create the ideal environment for this or any other romantic picture of you and your sweetheart.

So this is it… for now!!! Check you favorite section Design Challenge: Save the week next monday ’cause we are going to surprise you with … ok let it be a surprise, keep watching!!